Group of people popped a PINK confetti cannons

Over the past decade, gender reveals became wildly popular, spawning thousands of Instagram hashtags and countless Pinterest boards. Soon to be parents can select from never-ending options for intriguing and surprising guests with a telltale hint of stereotyped colors of pink or blue from piñatas to balloons to gender reveal cakes.

But the question remains is it a boy or a girl? Having a gender reveal party isn’t only about learning something about the newest family addition it’s also about turning it into a spectacle. I know you’re excited to find out but don’t be boring and let’s keep your grand reveal in style! 

Right now, let’s talk about announcing with a bang! Powder, confetti, or a combination of both – which gender reveal popper is best for your grand reveal? Let’s get you inspired and help you make the best decision to make your celebration unforgettable!


Mommy tosses, daddy kicks it. Everyone will love it! Add a colorful cloud puff on your announcement. Gender reveal soccer balls are perfect for ball player parents who would want to add a pop of fun to their celebration in a different and sporty way.



What better way to add thrill to your gender reveal party? Gender reveal soccer balls are durable but can do the job and are easy to break when kicked properly. They are also designed to be discreet to not spoil the surprise. They definitely create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.


Gender reveal soccer balls are not really the same size as regular soccer balls but more of small cantaloupes which can contain a little less powder or confetti than you would have hoped for. The holi powder can also easily stain shoes while it is washable. This gender reveal announcement is only suitable for outdoor parties and the mommy-to-be cannot participate in the kicking and doing the reveal itself.

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A man kicked a ball that has pink powder in it.      Gender Reveal Soccer Ball
A soccer ball that has blue & pink powder for the gender reveal


A mother popped a PINK powder cannon with a custom letter boxes decorated

Your outdoor gender reveal party wouldn’t be complete without your cannons for blasting away your announcement with fun! Fill the air with excitement and keep everyone guessing with your baby announcement until the gender reveal cannons are launched and the confetti and powder explode revealing the gender.



Gender reveal cannons can be a combination of confetti cannons and powder cannons perfect to make your announcement look more festive. Totally picture-perfect and enjoyable not just for the soon-to-be parents but for guests as well. Your reveal will totally be a hit and look absolutely stunning in photos when you have cannons launching a spray of either blue or pink powder and heart confetti accents!


While it can be used indoors, gender reveal cannons are best suited for outdoor parties. Throwing an outdoor gender reveal party is more advisable towards the summer season as it’s generally more convenient and hassle-free. But while we never hope for inclement weather, we know how mother nature can be less than accommodating sometimes.

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    Couple revealed their baby's gender using a blue cannon powder      A couple popped 2 blue powder cannons for their gender reveal


A huge confetti balloon definitely counts as a novel decoration to any gender reveal party. Unlike cannons that create a more spectacular show when announcing with a bang, confetti balloons are more on the subtle side – but still with the surprise “pop” effect!



Confetti balloons are very easy to prepare as they have big openings so you can easily add the confetti to them. They are also completely black, so confetti color cannot be seen through making sure that the gender reveal remains a surprise. Rain or shine, this announcement confetti balloon is safe to use indoors or outdoors. Since no big movements are involved when popping for the revelation with confetti balloons, it can be safely done by anyone including the mommy-to-be. The best part? The clean up is easier!


If you haven’t prepared the balloon yet, you must keep it away from children because balloons can be choking hazards. During the celebration, the confetti balloon itself has to be kept away from fire or sharp objects to not spoil the fun.

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A couple and their gender reveal decorations     The pregnant woman with her friends excited for the Gender reveal    
Gender Reveal decorations


Parents popped a ball that has pink powder using a baseball for their Baby's gender reveal

Get ready to walk up to the plate for the biggest swing of your life as you welcome your new baby! Baseball gender reveals are perfect for Major League fanatics – simply plan a picnic in the park and surprise everyone with a game of baseball a.k.a your grand reveal!



Baseball gender reveals are usually small and about the same size as a baseball which makes it very easy to carry. It’s also discreet and can perfectly conceal the holi powder without spoiling the revelation. Having this kind of announcement will definitely create a great memory for both you and your guests.


Because of the size of the ball, the explosion of pink or blue powder might not look as festive as those of gender reveal cannons. This gender reveal announcement is only suitable for outdoor parties and the mommy-to-be cannot participate in the swinging of the bat and doing the reveal itself. 

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   A guy popped a ball that has pink powder using a baseball bat      Another guy popped a ball that has pink powder using a baseball bat
Baseball ''Balls" with blue & pink powder inside for a gender reveal surprise


With the current hype of social media, gender reveals are made to be recorded. It would be nice to share the experience with long-distance friends and relatives. It would also be a wise idea to keep a video souvenir you can re-watch when you’re feeling quite nostalgic. So make sure it is a moment worth capturing by preparing the best reveal and announcing it with a bang!

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