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If you're stuck at home for several months now, you might be looking out the window with longing and imagining spending time with people you like instead. It is true that this pandemic has created a lot of challenges for people to be together. But celebrating across distances shouldn't be postponed, especially with today’s modern technology.

With the feeling of isolation creeping in, it’s time to finally adapt to doing things differently and virtually to stay safe but still feel connected.

For families and friends who are apart, virtual get-togethers have been their way of catching up or means to celebrate important events. 

If you’re looking for ideas for virtual celebrations, here are some fun party concepts you can use when organizing an online event to enjoy with your loved ones!


Whether it’s playing Charades, Pictionary, or a simple trivia night, game night can now be done virtually! Thanks to technology, we can gather online from anywhere in the world and a party can happen on a video call. Sure, an online platform might need some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it will surely be entertaining.

Check 10 Virtual Games to Play When You Can't Be Together for a cool list of virtual game play guides to make your online game night a blast!

You can also organize game nights with team strategy games like Dungeons and Dragon using Roll20 and DnDBeyond or the newest craze, Among Us.

In hosting your virtual game night, you can use:

You can easily register at any of these web-based video conferencing tools and they provide full-featured basic plans at no cost. They also offer quality video, audio, and a wireless screen-sharing performance across different operating systems.


Celebrating important events shouldn’t be set aside just because loved ones cannot be physically together. If you’re expecting and about to deliver soon, a new family addition is always worth celebrating. Virtual baby shower parties have the same party-planning checklist as those done traditionally – you only need to tweak a few details to adapt to the new normal. 

Once the host has finalized the online venue, online invitations can already be sent out. Online registries can also be set up for the mommy to be. The host should also plan fun virtual baby shower games such as Baby Bingo, What’s In Your Purse, The Price is Right, or Name That Baby Song. Do not forget to still decorate your space because online baby shower parties can feel more real if you put up decorations, too!

Get your baby shower games and stunning all-in-one baby shower decorations here:

Baby 'BOY' shower decorations     Baby bingo cards     Silver Baby boxes     Oh baby card list


Virtual meeting while drinking
There are so many reasons why a cocktail party is a good idea – to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, virtual weddings, or simply just for catching up. Set up a cocktail hour and invite friends or family members to catch up virtually. Swapping stories with friends or showing photos through screen sharing while having drinks can be a great stress reliever!


Poetry night, karaoke, dance all are made possible using video calling services. In organizing this, create a line-up of performances from friends or performers. Make it even more fun by turning it into a competition. Prepare a prize for the best performance like a gift card or by sending a gift basket.

Here are some thoughtful gift set ideas you can send out as prizes:

colorful eggs       Colorful Candle as a gifts



Educational milestones are always to be celebrated. If loved ones and friends cannot come over to celebrate this special occasion with the newly-grad, you can always throw a virtual graduation party! Send out e-invitations, host the video call, prepare party food, and most importantly, don’t forget to look the part and decorate! 

Check out these lovely graduation party decorations to set the mood of your online celebration:

Gold baby boxes     Gold balloons     Decorated 2020 graduation photos



With Halloween just around the corner, the kids may be feeling a little bummed out if it’s still not safe to go out for trick or treating. Make them feel better by setting up a costume party and preparing candies for them to enjoy. Kids are only kids for a couple of years so it’s best to let them enjoy those years, and have fun with them, too.

Here are some Halloween essentials you might want to consider:

Halloween masks      Halloween Props & decorations


Woman doing multi-task (Chopping the vegetables while browsing online)

It’s no secret that people miss their family or friends’ cooking or just being able to cook together and tell stories as they prepare ingredients. No worries! Apart from video calling services for people to cook together in their own kitchens, there are now delivery services you can take advantage of to send food over to friends and loved ones. If they live in a different state or country, the best food to send are preserved ones like dried goods or pastries with long shelf life like rum cakes or Christmas cakes.


We certainly live in interesting times and it’d be great if we could still make the best out of it. It’s hard to be away from loved ones but with the ever-evolving technology the world has to offer, the spaces and distance becomes smaller and people can remain close no matter where they are. So call up your friends, tell them the party’s on, and you’ve got the virtual party ideas covered!

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