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No celebration is complete without the beauty (and mess) of fluttering confetti. When there’s confetti – there’s no mistaking it – it’s bound to be a high-spirited and awesome party!

Just a bit of trivia: the word “confetti” is adopted from the Italian confectionery that meant “little sweets” traditionally thrown during carnivals in 18th-century Italia. Today, confetti are small bits of paper, usually colored or metallic, thrown, dropped from a height, or popped to enhance the gaiety of festive events, such as weddings, concerts, parades, or even business openings.

In this post, we listed our top five picks of the best party cannons you should incorporate into your next event. Our list includes both professional and handheld confetti cannons.  We’re certain you can create a Pinterest version of a party with the perfect confetti cannons to add a pop of fun to your celebration! Let’s begin!


Disco party with confetti in the event

Confetti launcher machines are professional confetti cannons that are ideal for medium sized venues like discotheque, stage events, concerts, and business ceremonies. These party machines use electricity power to make it possible to continuously shoot confetti into the air so that they can slowly descend on a celebrating crowd and keep the people merry and vibin’.


VEVOR 1200W Confetti Launcher Machine Cannon

This professional confetti launcher machine is best suited for grand celebrations like weddings or stage parties. It features an input of 110 volts and power of 1,200 watts. It also offers three ways of control: manually, through DMX, or by using a remote control. Unlike other confetti launcher machines, VEVOR does not possess any compressed air nor does it require carbon dioxide making it super safe and convenient for all kinds of parties.

onfetti Launcher Machine Cannon with LED Light Effects and Wireless DMX Control for Party

Other than being an impressive confetti launcher machine, VEVOR 1200 has an added feature of LED light effects and is compact in size which means that it can be easily operated by just one person. It is also compatible with most of the available confetti and petals in today’s market. Its confetti launch can be up to 30 feet with a coverage area of 50 square meters and can last up to about 25 seconds – this gives you plenty of time to truly enjoy the moment! 


This confetti launcher can be very loud much like a vacuum cleaner. Its remote control doesn’t come with batteries.



TCM FX Wi-Shot is another professional confetti launcher machine that is wireless and allows control from a distance. This means you can place the TCM FX WI-Shot in inaccessible areas and using the remote control, you can fire pre-filled confetti or streamers. It features an input of 230 volts and power of 20 watts. This party item is perfect for medium sized venues like discotheques and stage events.



Its easy control system, battery that lasts up to 50hours, and wireless capabilities are features to brag about this product. It is also compatible with most of the available confetti and petals in today’s market. Its confetti launch can be up to 60 feet and a 500-meter range in open field.


TCM FX WI-Shot weighs 3kg so it is quite heavy. It uses WI-FI technology so you have to make sure that your venue does not have interrupted signals.


Premium Party Confetti Cannon

Make a lasting impression and charm your guests with a shower of multicolor and multi shape metallic confetti mix. Handheld and single-use party confetti cannons aren’t as complicated to operate as professional confetti launcher machines but will still absolutely fill the room with a burst of color and pure excitement. You get the same amazing professional confetti effect, without the need for wiring or control heads!



Add a pop of fun and sense of thrill to your celebration! PrimePure’s party confetti cannons include two different kinds of contents: confetti and streamer cannons making your event undeniably more fun, entertaining, and picture perfect (no filter needed). These party cannons are lightweight and have a sleek and stylish look that already makes them perfect props even before you pop them.



Great price! These handheld party confetti cannons are designed to contain more confetti mix. Compared to anyone else on the market, these party cannons have 50% more confetti! Your celebration would totally be a hit when you have party cannons launching a spray of colorful streamers and confetti accents! It is also easy and very safe to use both for indoor and outdoor events. Complimentary party-planning guides and video instructions on how to use are also provided by PrimePure when you make this purchase.


These party cannons can only shoot confetti up to 15-20 feet.



Ever heard of water-soluble confetti? Well, this is it! With a nice pop, this product will shoot water soluble white rice paper up to 20 feet in the air, and once the confetti gets wet, it dissolves! It's a great way to impress your guests outside in the open air in an eco-friendly and fun way.

Large Confetti Cannons Multicolor



These are slow-fall confetti so guests are sure to enjoy the remarkable and fluttering display of white rice paper when the cannon launches. Because of their  neutral color, these are best for weddings. They’re  also a perfect choice if you’re planning a green celebration where you want to make an eco-friendly choice. Since these confetti are biodegradable, the clean up is very easy!


Not the cheapest in the market. These party cannons can only shoot confetti up to 15-20 feet and do not have a colorful mix of paper in them.



If you want a display of confetti but wish for an easier version of a cannon. These multicolor confetti wands can simply make your day romantic and special. They’re  super easy to use – just swing your arm, flick your wrist, and create a magical display at your celebration. These sticks are made of tissue paper which is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Battife Confetti Wands



Definitely easy to use and super safe for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. If you care for the environment, all of these confetti sticks are made of biodegradable tissue paper and will break down rapidly after using.


Since these are just wands, they do  not have much confetti in them  as cannons do.


When looking for the perfect confetti cannon, there are a few things to consider so that you get to have the perfect product that matches well to your party necessities. 


Every party has a budget. More than anything else, you have to adhere to the budget you have set for your event and make sure you aren’t overspending on things that aren’t part of your party-planning priorities. Look for confetti cannon deals in the market that offer great value for money.

Venue Size and Type

Your venue size matters with the kind of confetti cannon that you need. While a big and professional cannon would be ideal for a large venue, the same may not be recommendable for use in a small event place. Your venue type also matters because some event locations (usually indoors with low ceiling) may not be suitable for confetti cannon launching.

Cannon Range

Confetti cannons come in a variety of ranges based on their sizes, and this is an important aspect to consider. Most large cannons can shoot confetti up to a distance of 12 meters, while the smaller ones can only fire confetti up to 8 meters. Depending on your venue – and whether you are doing an indoor or outdoor event – select the cannon with a range that would work best and make your celebration look more festive.


Try to capture the confetti with as little motion blur as possible, so that it still actually looks like confetti and not just some blurry bits of color. To do this, you can use a fast shutter speed or simply put your camera in burst mode so you don’t miss that fun moment when rain of confetti happens!

Group of friends partying with a multicolor confetti falling


We know it for sure, the act of launching a bunch of colorful paper and shimmery pieces of confetti can make any occasion worth celebrating! And while shopping for confetti cannons can be a daunting task if you do not really know what to look for, we hope this simple guide can make that part easier for you. We’re excited for you to gear up with confetti cannons and enjoy blasting your party with fun!

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