We can imagine the enthusiastic celebratory dance dads-to-be do as soon as they find out it’s a boy! Announcing your baby’s arrival and organizing a gender reveal party can help your loved ones prepare for the future tokens and gifts they can give during your next event: the baby shower.

When a bundle of joy is on the way, planning for a fun baby shower shouldn’t be set aside. After all, who doesn’t love a gift-giving party? Baby showers are not just a celebration of a new family addition but it’s also a way for friends and family to help the new parents get everything they need. 

Picking the perfect theme for your son’s baby shower can get a little overwhelming. It’s more than just getting an “It’s a Boy!” sign in blue. But hey, let’s give you inspiration through our guide for celebrating his grand entrance in style! Here’s 5 of the most awesome ideas for your little man on the way!


LEGO themed party

Kids love Legos – and we’re willing to take a bet that your son will too! Building blocks is a fun theme even for adults because of its popping colors. Call your baby shower party “Brick or Treat!” and ask your guests to come wearing bright Lego colors. Enjoy a fun set-up where you decorate your entire party with Lego construction figures, Lego Man, Lego bricks, handyman tools, hard hats, construction cones, and fun baby shower signages.

Here are some other awesome Lego baby shower supplies:

Brick Block Party Cups     Building Block Happy Birthday Party Decorations for Kids     Block Party Popcorn Boxes


Classic Blue Baby shower decorations

Blue has always been the stereotyped color for a baby boy on the way. Safe to say that this traditional blue theme will never go out of style! Because of its popularity, it won’t be too hard looking for the perfect decorations so you can make a lasting impression. If you want to put a twist on this classic theme, you can turn it in a prince-themed baby shower or a winter-themed baby shower!

Here are some other awesome classic blue baby shower supplies:

Sky Blue Maternity Sash & Daddy to be Corsage Set       Baby Shower Decorations for Boy      It’s a Boy Baby Shower Party Supplies, Cocktail Napkins



Sailor-themed baby shower

Ahoy, it’s a boy! A sailor-themed baby shower is perfect to welcome the newest member of the captain’s crew to the team! On your party-planning checklist should be: blue and white stripes, wooden anchors, paddles, sailor hats, whales, and rubber duckies. To complete your theme, you can also prepare a lot of interesting food that looks sea-related like “seaweed dip” for nachos, “crabwiches” made from croissant, “octopus hotdogs” and saltwater party punch.

Here are some other awesome nautical baby shower supplies:

Nautical Cupcake Toppers Whale Cake Decorations     Nautical Baby Shower Invitations     Ahoy It’s a Boy Baby Shower Nautical Decorations for Boy


circus-themed baby shower

Get ready to welcome the newest source of joy into your family with a special kind of entertainment of a circus-themed baby shower. This festive party is an instant stunner because it’s adorned with brightly colored decorations and animal prints. Prepare a set-up with big balloons, feathers, and colorful signages to complete your baby shower circus extravaganza!

Here are some other awesome circus baby shower supplies:

Carnival Centerpiece Sticks for Circus Party Table     Colorful Pennant Flags Banner      Hanging Decorative Paper Lantern Tissue Pom Poms


Jurassic-themed baby shower party

Ross Geller is screaming for this Jurassic-themed baby shower party that is fit for your future paleontologist! Earth tones combined with vibrant colors like blue and orange are perfect for this setup. Eggs, bones, and dinosaur decorations are a must. Don’t forget to create a menu that will surely make your guests dig in!  

Here are some other awesome Jurassic baby shower supplies:

Dinosaur Balloon Garland Kit     It's A Boy Dinosaur Banner Hatching Soon Cake Topper Dinosaur Balloons Rex Banner Party Supplies     Burlap Leaf Ribbon for Jungle Birthday Party


Space-themed baby

We know you love your boy to the moon and back. So, how about a space-themed baby shower so you can take your celebration out of this world? This is definitely a perfect theme for parents who are geeks and science fans. Create a map of the baby's galaxy by putting up decorations that are space-related such as metallic silver balloons, universe backdrop, and gold glittery star decors.

Here are some other awesome space baby shower supplies:

Outer Space Balloon Garland     Outer Space Dinner Paper Plates     Baby Shower Guest Book: Outer Space Astronaut Rocket Theme


In addition to party themes, you'll definitely throw an unforgettable event with some more  of these best baby shower ideas to incorporate in your celebration.

Bunny Balloon Guest Book

Extend your creativity with a cute bunny balloon guest book that will immediately get your guests’ attention. This guest book is a piece of art that is also a great addition to your baby shower party decorations as well as a special memento for the mama-to-be to hang in the nursery. Get the tutorial at Aspen Jay.

cute bunny balloon guest book

Level Up Your Decorations

Level up your decorations with party supplies that go well with any theme to further set the mood of your event and create a lasting impression with your guests.

You can totally incorporate Personalized Letter Boxes to add creativity and glam to your celebration. Multi-purpose custom letter boxes will definitely set the mood and make great backdrops for your themed baby shower and even make excellent props for your photo shoots. You can totally be out of the ordinary by customizing your party with this unique party accessory that would make Pinterest jealous!

Girls with Gold BOY boxes   Silver Boxes & 2girls

You can customize these sturdy party boxes using a combination of the available letters included in the kit. It comes with multiple pieces of every letter in the alphabet so you can spell anything out to match your event! You can spell out your name or the reason you are celebrating!

Start personalizing your party with a charming font available in three classic colors of white, silver, and gold. The Letter Pack even includes several symbols and a heart for added flare.

These sturdy party boxes already come with balloons, but you can also put in your own to match the color and theme of your baby shower. Other than balloons, you can totally get a little more creative and think of other appealing decors when filling your personalized letter boxes. 

Here are some ideas of what else you can put inside your party boxes: dried petals, assorted plushies, LED string lights, colorful ribbons, and more!

Natural Dried Flower- Gift Box     Basket of Babies Creative Minds Plush Dolls     Led lights     Silk Ribbon Rolls

For indoor boy baby shower parties, you can neatly set them  up on a counter for the center stage of your event space. When you do this, you have a chance to also decorate the other side of your boxes with more letters so your guests can read something differently from another angle!

You can also playfully stack them  on top of each other and place them on your photo booth area for a fun set-up where guests can use it as props!

Wishes For Baby Clothesline

The idea is simple: prepare cardstocks, have your guests write a wish for you and your baby, and let them hang it. A nice tutorial of this is at Art Blog and is definitely a good addition in your baby shower decors. This is a keepsake that you can cherish forever and it could also be a thoughtful and endearing way to decorate the nursery.

Baby Clothesline 


If you need a more in-depth guide filled with tips and ideas to make your event more memorable, check out the Ultimate Guide For Planning a Perfect Baby Shower 2020. Whatever trendy theme you choose, enjoy your celebration by adding touches of personality and elements of fun to create an unforgettable event and lasting special memories. We’re excited for you! Happy planning! 

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