Welcoming a new family member is always a good reason to celebrate. Once the gender of your new baby is revealed, planning a baby shower often comes next. 

According to Parents Online, baby showers should be hosted by a friend or distant relative instead of a close family member. This tradition supposedly helped to avoid looking like the family was simply on a mission of collecting gifts which is frowned upon.

While organizing an event for a loved one is usually fun, it can sometimes be tricky, too. If you’re the assigned baby shower host, checking out baby shower themes would be part of your party-planning checklist. If you are here looking for a theme to use for a girl baby shower, we’ve collected five of the most recommended and fun themes you may consider and how you can achieve them!



Girl babies are considered princesses even before they are born. In planning for a princess themed baby shower, the decors you can prepare can include pink and gold motif, castles cut out on the wall, and even Disney princesses! You can also prepare tiaras for each guest instead of party hats to make the theme a little more obvious!

Here are some other amazing princess baby shower supplies:

invitation cards       baby shower crown cupcakes


unicorn cake

Having a baby is, in itself, magical. And what more to show the feeling by making the baby shower have a magical theme? For the decors, you can use rainbows and glitters, or even wands. You can even include the food table setup as part of the décor, by adding unicorn cakes or cake pops!

Here are some other amazing magical baby shower supplies:

unicorn party decoration    unicorn party background



letter globes saying lets partea

It’s Tea Time! One of the simplest themes to do for a baby shower is a tea-party theme. Afterall, once the baby girl has grown enough to hold things, her mommy and daddy should be well prepared for the countless tea parties she will have them go to. If you want to level up the game, they can add more peculiar things to the décor and turn it into an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.

Here are some other amazing tea party baby shower supplies:

cutlery with floral designs      roses pennants saying a baby is brewing


baby shower decoration with wod

If the mother likes nature but is already having a hard time going out and spending time outdoors, then bring the outdoors to her by planning a nature-themed baby shower.

There are so many nature themes to choose from, too! From wilderness to mountains to the ocean. The most popular in this category is the woodland theme where the decors can be cutouts of woodland creatures like foxes, deers, bears, and owls. If the mom is fond of the outdoors, having a realistic-looking tree log cake would definitely bring a smile to her face, too.

Here are some other amazing woodland baby shower supplies:

baby shower invitation with cute draws of animals in it      cute animals decoration background animal teddies     animals themed party accessories



pink decoration for baby shower

Nothing screams of GIRL in baby showers as color pink does. If one has a really short amount of time to plan, a pink theme girl baby shower never goes out of style. Have the place ready in no time by preparing pink-colored food like donuts, cupcakes, and strawberry milkshakes; as well as by decorating the chairs and walls with balloons, cloths, and maybe even flowers in different shades of pink. Don’t forget to add other colors that could make the color pink pop! These colors are white, mint green, silver, and pale gold.

Here are some other amazing pretty in pink baby shower supplies:

golden cake stand with pink balloons pink strawspink decoration strips girl baby shower decoration kit


Level up your decorations with party supplies that go well with any theme to further set the mood of your event and create a lasting impression with your guests.

You can totally incorporate Personalized Letter Boxes to add creativity and glam to your celebration. Multi-purpose custom letter boxes will definitely set the mood and make great backdrops for your themed baby shower and even make excellent props for your photo shoots. You can totally be out of the ordinary by customizing your party with this unique party accessory that would make Pinterest jealous!

white baby boxesbaby shower white boxessilver baby boxes

You can customize these sturdy party boxes using a combination of the available letters included in the kit. It comes with multiple pieces of every letter in the alphabet so you can spell anything out to match your event! You can spell out your name or the reason you are celebrating!

Start personalizing your party with a charming font available in three classic colors of whitesilver, and gold. The Letter Pack even includes several symbols and a heart for added flare.

These sturdy party boxes already come with balloons, but you can also put in your own to match the color and theme of your baby shower. Other than balloons, you can totally get a little more creative and think of other appealing decors when filling your personalized letter boxes. 

Here are some ideas of what else you can put inside your party boxes: dried petals, assorted plushies, LED string lights, colorful ribbons, and more!

Natural Dried Flower- Gift Box    Basket of Baby dollsLed Firefly Lights     many colors Ribbon Rolls

For indoor baby shower parties, you can neatly set it up on a counter for centerstage of your event space. When you do this, you have a chance to also decorate the other side of your boxes with more letters so your guests can read something differently on another angle!

You can also playfully stack it on top of each other and place it on your photo booth area for a fun set-up where guests can use it as props!


If you need a more in-depth guide filled with tips and ideas to make your event more memorable, check out the Ultimate Guide For Planning a Perfect Baby Shower 2020. Planning a baby shower doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be a fun experience for all that is involved just as the party itself. Good luck with your celebration! 

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