We are suckers for nostalgia. We take every chance we get to take photos and keep memories as much as we can. Needless to say, we do this to most of our celebrations too.

And while you get amazingly good photos when you hire a professional photographer for your special event, it would take a while for you to share them with your guests. A party photo booth, on the other hand, not only keeps your guests entertained but also allows them to bring home an instant keepsake of the fun they had at your party!

We guarantee that a photo booth can be so much fun for guests of all ages. It’s a great activity to do while waiting for their turn at the food stations or to establish interaction among guests and help them get to know each other.

So if you’re looking to spice things up in your party’s photo booth section, here are our Amazon top picks for the best photo booth supplies you must have for your next event!


Group photo with a custom letter 'BRIDE' boxes

One of the freshest photo booth prop ideas you should have for your next celebration are letter boxes. Most events use these party boxes to glam up their main stage as it creates a nice focal point for decorations, but you can actually use these in your photo booth, too!

PrimePure’s Personalized Letter Boxes

There are many options for an entertaining celebration. What PrimePure specializes in is creating a personalized experience for you! PrimePure’s Personalized Letter Boxes will make your photo booth area stand out and will take the fun to the next fully customized touch you and your guests deserve while making new memories.



These personalized letter boxes are customizable and can instantly add a vibe of sophistication with their shiny color. They come in three different colors. They are sturdy and can be stacked on top of another, and already include 77 letters which can be tacked on the box’s surface to spell out names or words.


They’re made for indoor use, so they will not withstand adverse weather conditions if your photobooth is set up outside.

Frigg’s Party Boxes

Frigg’s Party Boxes are classic-looking transparent boxes with solid white trimmings. They are perfect for occasions with themes of neutral colors. If you want an added elegance on your photo booth area, this could be your bet!



These letter boxes are easy to assemble and are made of light materials. They can also be reused and re-assembled, and even the letters are reusable. The white color helps compliment the color of balloons that are placed inside the boxes.


This purchase only includes one set of letters, so you have to buy another individual purchase to spell more words. There’s no other variety of color to choose from for the boxes aside from white. The party boxes are also made of light materials making them easy to get blown by strong winds, so they might not be suitable for a photo booth set up outdoors.


We can’t deny it headdresses just bring out the kids in us! They are adorable, silly, and fun to use as props at photo booths especially if you’re getting crazy with friends! Headdresses come in wigs, hats, and headbands.

CiyvoLyeen’ Jungle Animal Headbands

Jungle Safari Zoo Animals Headbands

Dress up as your favorite animal during photo booth time with these cute ears headband! Whether it is a safari-themed party or not, CiyvoLyeen’s Jungle Animal Headbands is surely a great addition to the props you should be keeping at the party!



These animal headbands are for everyone! They can fit both children’s heads and adults’, and they’re also unisex. They are made of soft felt and come in different patterns such as elephant, tiger, giraffe, and lion.


Unlike woven fabrics, felts are easily torn, so avoid pulling them off by the felt.

Little Seahorse’s Costume Hats

Assorted Party Hats Set of 6 Funny Dress Up & Costume Hats

Little Seahorse’s Costume Hats are great as photo booth props! Their assorted collection includes a beautiful sequin cheerleader pink hat, jester hat with bells, novelty kitchen chef hat, cute police hat, velvet king hat with jewels, and a detailed tall magician’s purple top hat. 



These hats will definitely give people that weird-funny vibe in photos! They come in different kinds and are made of high quality materials and fabric. Even after using them for the photo booth, they can be reused in future costume parties!


The hats’ sizes are for adults only and may cover up half of a child’s face when used in photos. 


Prop sticks are probably the most popular of all photo booth props because they are easy to assemble, it offers a whole lot of variety and they are absolutely fun to use especially in groups!

PixyPy’s Gold Glitter Prop Sticks

If you are looking for a way to add some fun to your photos, PixiPy’s Gold Glitter Prop Sticks can capture the spirit of the party and those moments of laughter, smiles, and memories that will make your special day so wonderful.



People can now add sparkle to their photos using these gold prop sticks. The designs vary from hats, moustaches, and even lips! No need to worry about shedding glitters, as these are actually printed and pre-assembled.


Make sure that children are supervised when using these props as the sticks can poke if not used as intended.

Tinksky’s Assorted Prop Sticks

Add more life and fun with Tinksky’s Assorted Prop Sticks as they come in different colors and designs! Totally adorable and creative props—from hipster mustaches to vintage heart sunglasses. Your guests will surely have an enjoyable time at your photo booth!



A total of 60 prop stick pieces to choose from! They are light and high-quality cardstock material also makes it durable and easy to hold.


They are not pre-assembled. You still need to select whichever props you will be using from your 60 piece kit, and then glue or tape them to the wooden sticks. The size may also be too small for some adults. Make sure that children are supervised when using these props as the sticks can poke if not used as intended.


Got something fun to say about your celebration? Say it using the speech bubble props at the photo booth! Express your happiness, love, and great time with words that can be kept along with your party memento.

LUOEM’s Chalkboard Message Sign

Enjoy the fun time with your friends by providing them with LUOEM’s Chalkboard Message Sign as your party’s photo booth props. They can write down their own silly statements or sincere messages and strike a pose together with these props.



These blackboard bubbles come plain so your guests can come up with their own messages to put on these props using a white marker. Chalk can also be used in writing if the props are intended to be reused in future events.


Using chalk may leave traces on the board, giving it a cloudy look if reused. Your guests might also have a hard time removing chalk residue after using these as props.

Signs Authority’s Speech Thoughts Dry Erase Board

Capture your party’s moment with Sign Authority’s Speech thoughts Dry Erase Board. Easily have your guests write down their thoughts and strike a pose!



It is made with the same materials as a whiteboard, so one can write and erase their thoughts or messages using a marker. The marker also comes with a magnetic cap, so it can be easily stuck to the board to avoid misplacing. This board also has magnetic backing, which means it can be used not only in photo-ops but also on the fridge or on your workstation for your notes or to-do list.


The item weight is around 9 ounces and could hurt when accidentally dropped on a body part, like feet, or face.


There are special events that happen only once in a lifetime. So it’s important that we create memories and capture these moments to help us keep those fun times. Photo booths give us a chance to turn these memories into mementos and make them more magical when captured. Let’s not forget to have fun!

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