Creating a hauntingly good look for your backyard is one of the fun activities you should do every Halloween, especially if you live in a neighborhood where Trick or Treating is hyped and celebrated. 

Pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders, floating ghosts – all these must have already been on your list when thinking of designing your front porches, backyards, sidewalks, and driveways. There’s a wide variety of decorations to cast a spell on your neighborhood, and there’s plenty of reasons to show off your creative side!

If your mission is to create the spookiest, scariest, or whimsical outdoor Halloween display, here are our top picks for Halloween ideas and a quick comparative list of where to best get these decorative supplies, so you can easily make your spooky goal happen!


Yard signs make the perfect addition to your collection of Halloween decorations and can create a scarier yet fun atmosphere in your backyard. Start by thinking about the message you'd like to come across – we always go for something spooky yet witty!

Lucky Sea Beware Halloween Yard Sign

Lucky Sea’s Beware Halloween Yard Signs are durable boardstock signs that come with plastic stakes that you can slide into the holes and then stick into the ground. They carry several hair-raising warning messages such as "We are tired of hiding the bodies. No Trespassing!" "Haunted Estates. Enter if you dare!" "Come in for a bite!" "Zombies! Stop!" and many more.



Adds a bit of personality to your front porch because of the clever warning statements.


Not made of real wood, so it can get blown away when it gets too windy. The messages are printed only on one side of the boardstock.


Joyin No Trespassing Metal Tin Sign

These Joyin’s No Trespassing Metal Tin Signs create a fun and entertaining Halloween season for you and your neighborhood. These are perfect for your backyard or front porch as an added creepy decor staple!



This comprehensive set includes 2 unique designs of metal tin plate. Made out of high quality waterproof and non-glare material. There are four pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and installation. They look good and stand up to the elements.


Metal tin plate size is only 7.8 inches x 11.8 inches, so it’s a little small for warning signs.



Create an eerie look with suspended scary figures such as ghosts, cheesecloth spirits, and witches. Hang these by your windows or trees to surprise passerbys. Nothing feels more horrifying than the feeling like you are being chased!

Nobie Vivid Hanging Skull Mask

In the dark night, Nobie Vivid’s Hanging Skull Mask with a slightly flickering light can easily create a special atmosphere for Halloween. The facial expressions of the mask of the hanging ghost are exceptionally lifelike!



It is equipped with a small battery-operated LED light with one-button switch. In the dark night, this skull mask with a slightly flickering light can easily create a special atmosphere for Halloween. Spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, and other decorations can be hung on the hanging ghost. This hanging ghost also has special sound effects that can be voice-activated. When some noise is made, the ghost mask will suddenly shine, accompanied by special sound effects, to surprise or frighten the visiting guests unexpectedly, which can add more fun to Halloween. 


The sensor is very sensitive and it activates easily, so this hanging Halloween prop is best placed in an area where you cannot be disturbed.


Joyin Crashing Witch To a Tree

Halloween can be a mix of seriously haunting characters as well as funny ones. Joyin’s Crashing Witch To a Tree decoration is the ideal addition for your house to amuse your friends, neighbors, and guests. It’s also a great addition to your collection of comical witches!



Lightweight with vivid and funny design. With an activity buckle, this Halloween prop could be easily tied to different tree trunks or pillars according to their shape and size.


Might not be suitable for your overall Halloween theme if you’re going for an especially hair-raising look.



There is no denying it – life-sized wicked characters give us the creeps! And we’re sure you can give your neighborhood a good scare too with these spooky Halloween props that are too lifelike to even cause them nightmares!

Fun World Cocoon Corpse

Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. You may end up like this spooky Cocoon Corpse. We're pretty sure this poor guy thought he'd be safe but clearly he was wrong. He's nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now. Fun World’s Cocoon Corpse is as realistic as it gets!



Light and can easily be hung. The cobwebs add to the element of spookiness.


It packs small and expands to a full-sized corpse, so it could misshapen. This Halloween prop is mostly hollow, so it's best used in a spot where it isn't backlit.


KNL Store Talking Witch

What is more wicked than an animated witch that also talks? Level up the spook factor for trick or treaters with this Hanging Talking Witch by KNL. Pose her arms in any position, and let her dress flow in the breeze!



It is equipped with a small battery-operated LED light with on-off switch. This talking witch also features sound or touch-activated sayings and noises as well as flashing red eyes. Sayings include: "Beware...AH HAAA...AAA" "Boo!" "You're not scared, are you?" 


Best indoors or on a covered porch as it is not built to withstand harsh weather. 



We’re pretty sure you have been looking for decorations that haven’t been overused throughout the years. Take your Halloween décor staples to the next level and make your backyard worthy of a second look with a refreshing Halloween set up with Prime Pure’s Personalized Letter Boxes.

These popular party accessories are usually used for events like graduations, baby showers, anniversaries, and birthdays, but they can be reinvented to fit your Halloween celebration and create a new experience for your neighbors, too!

Here’s an idea! These Personalized Letter Boxes come in three different colors. We suggest you choose the gray-colored ones which match closest to the Halloween theme. You can spell out “BOO” or “AWOOO” and stack them playfully and place cobwebs at the edges. Stick bat cutouts and drip fake blood on them , too! 

Other than the regular scary props you have set up, these party boxes will definitely create a wow factor to visitors especially when you put Halloween-related stuff in them, such as glow in the dark balls or LED light up pumpkin balloons. Imagine how whimsical and stylish that might look once it’s night time!


Ooze charm, drip blood, and aim to cement your house’s reputation as the most spooky house in your neighborhood. Set an ominous scene with these ideas we have gathered for you. Good luck on adding a creepy charm on your backyard, driveway, or front porch!

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