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It’s been more than a year since the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus as a global pandemic. A lot has happened since then, and a lot hasn’t, too. From classes being postponed in other parts of the world to businesses shutting down, and holidays being celebrated in isolation – the children of this generation (and some adults, too, actually) is beginning to fear – is Halloween cancelled?

You know what? It doesn’t have to be! Humans have always been the most adaptive when it comes to changes, which is why in different parts of the world, people are coming up with great ideas to safely celebrate events like weddings, birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries, among other important moments. And if those celebrations could be made safe and possible, why not Halloween, too, right?

So tell everyone not to worry because below are some great ideas to still enjoy the festivities while making sure that no one gets the Corona scare.


The most exciting part in Halloween is putting on costumes to portray a character. This activity actually originated in the ancient times where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off unwanted spirits and ghosts. We know for sure that people all over the world have already been planning on what to wear since last Halloween, so not having a costume party would really be a bummer. Today, technology will play an integral role for a costume party to still happen...virtually!

You can organize a schedule with the neighborhood or friends and family members in other places to have a virtual costume party. In hosting your virtual costume party night, you can use: 

You can easily register at any of these web-based video conferencing tools and they provide full-featured basic plans at no cost. They also offer quality video, audio, and a wireless screen-sharing performance across different operating systems.

Of course, everyone needs to show off their best Halloween costumes! Don’t forget to decorate around the house as it will add to the spook!

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Halloween is no party without games and candy, so a treasure hunt will definitely be terrific! Hide treats around the house and backyard and leave some clues or riddles where they can find the next one. Check out these halloween clues you can incorporate on your hunt. To add surprising scares, put some fake treasures in some of the places and replace it with creepy things like a fake finger or plastic spiders.

You can also try doing a Halloween edition of a “selfie scavenger hunt” which is also an activity that involves groups finding spooky things and capturing them using a camera. A simple yet fun way to promote teamwork and fun bonding, too!

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While it’s not advisable to go door to door for trick or treating, the whole neighborhood can coordinate for a drive-thru trick or treating instead. It works fairly easy, too! There will be an assigned person who will give away treats from their front yard to kids inside vehicles. This way the kids can still roam around the neighborhood to see some amazingly spooky decorations, get to wear the costumes they have prepared, as well as get candies while keeping a safe distance. 

For house decorations, create a more personalized look by using custom letter boxes that will allow you to spell whatever you are celebrating for. Other than the regular scary props you have set up, these party boxes will definitely create a wow factor to visitors especially when you put Halloween-related stuff in it, such as glow in the dark balls or LED light up pumpkin balloons.

Parents of those who will drive their kids around can also decorate their vehicles with “Trick or Treat” banners or cobwebs and plastic bats!

In organizing a drive-thru trick or treat event, make sure to check with the regulations set by your local government, too. 

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To cap the night off, have dinner with the family – bonus  points if the food is Halloween themed, too! Then put on a good family horror movie for everyone. Let the kids count and eat some of their candies from the treasure hunt and trick or treating, while watching Hubie Halloween or Goosebumps, as celebrating in little ways with family is always the best!

Some Halloween food ideas you can prepare on your table are “mummy dogs”, meringue ghosts, or finger food – which literally look like spooky severed fingers but are just sugar cookies with almonds as fingernails (how witty, right?).



See? There’s nothing to worry about Halloween being cancelled because there are so many ways anyone can do to go around it! All you need is a little creativity, candies, imagination, and the people you want to be surrounded with during the festivities. Happy Halloween everyone!

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