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Knowing how to throw a killer party is already a skill in itself, but being a master in working under a budget to still execute an epic event is another ability every party host wants to perfect. Having parties can become expensive. Sometimes, you as the organizer might choose between decorating nice but preparing less food, or preparing a feast and not decorating at all. This can be quite a tough decision and would sometimes leave you torn – if only sacrifices didn’t have to be done, right?

Well, guess what? There’s a lot of things you can do to still make your event look luxurious and stylish without sacrificing one thing for the other. The real essence of parties is the reason for your celebration and whatever that is, it need not break the bank! 

Below are some ideas we have collected for you so you can upgrade your next party without worrying too much about splurging.


Minimalist Party decoration

Almost every Instagramable party and event setup usually has one thing in common – they’re all easy to the eyes. Decors are kept to a minimum so people’s eyes don’t get too strained in looking at too many party details. 

DYI for party decorations

A minimalist setup can also look as grand as parties with extravagant decorations. If you decide to go for a minimalist event look, it is always best to choose a main color theme. You can even go for a monochromatic overall party setup and match that in choosing decors. The best part about sticking to a minimalistic setup is you can enjoy a fun and sweet party with friends without all the stress because it’s just too simple!

Here’s an idea! In dressing your main table, burlap or muslin cloth are two of the cheapest options, and they also come in neutral colors. Then throw in a few dried flowers or fresh handpicked blooms from the garden and put them in vases or bowls with varying sizes. Put a few edible fruits as decors and for added color, too. And to create a stylish accent beside your table, neatly stack white personalized letter boxes to spell out whatever you are celebrating for, and voila – you have a rustic feast!

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Lights add life to parties and help set the ambiance. Feel free to experiment with them depending on the feel you are going for. For instance, different-sized candles can give an evening event a classy or romantic feel while fairy lights and paper lanterns with LED lights can give your venue an intimate or magical feel. Lights come in a variety of styles, so they can instantly add a lot of style and atmosphere to your party without causing you an arm and leg.

For an added special touch, here’s an idea! Incorporate personalized gold letter boxes on your venue’s main stage and put star-shaped LED string lights inside them for an instant stunner. Perfect for night time parties! 

If you’re going for a more modern vibe, using a home video projector if you own one is another cool way to set the ambiance. You can project beautiful images that can, in itself, be the decoration you need for your party to look extra! 

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Like a feast decorated setup

When working under a budget for a party, another trick is to go all out with the feast and arrange the food creatively where everyone’s eye will be drawn to – like they’re the decors themselves. After all, everyone would probably agree that food is always the main highlight in any event and much of what we eat is through our eyes. If set up nicely, your gorgeous food tables can even satisfy so many senses all at once! So make sure guests get an amazing experience with it.

Instead of creating just one buffet table, make food stations where you can creatively lay a range of different dishes so your guests do not crowd all at once and kill the party mood. When you set up food stations, you have the liberty to design your table to offer small plates, DIY options, and finger food which can help keep costs down. Make your feast areas the focal points of your venue by concentrating the majority of your decorations in these areas.

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DYI for party decorations

The upside of being holed up during this pandemic is that you most likely have more time to kill. If you want to save money and you’re also seeking a productive way to use your time, there are a lot of DIY party decorations that can give your party a stylish upgrade!

Here are some fun and festive party decors you can DIY:

DIY Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging    Piñata From a Paper Bag    Ombre Tablecloth


Don’t forget that when organizing parties, the most important thing is to have a fun and memorable experience for yourself and for all your guests. Even if this sounds too cheesy – it’s always your imagination, creativity, and thoughtfulness from planning to execution that will make your party stand out (regardless of the budget)! 

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