Creating A Picture Perfect Photo Shoot For Your Baby 2021

Creating A Picture Perfect Photo Shoot For Your Baby 2021

Creating A Picture Perfect Photo Shoot For Your Baby 2021


Childhood is one of the most wonderful, worry-free times our kids will ever experience. Sadly, in parallel to having the time of their lives while giggling aimlessly at the funny faces, we make for them, our babies also experience childhood amnesia, which is the inability to retrieve most of the memories under the age of 10 once grown up. Luckily, over the last decade, it has become increasingly easier to capture photographs of children and the number of ideas on how to do so creatively has grown. Let us guide you through the process of creating a picture-perfect photoshoot for your baby!


It is quite easy these days to find a dozen professional local photographers with gorgeous portfolios of beautifully photographed babies. If this is something of interest to you (and fits your budget), we recommend messaging at least 3-5 photographers. Inquire not only about their rates but make sure the photographer is able to implement your vision and also works well with the age group of your child. Believe it or not, infants are far more different to photograph than toddlers, for example. The last thing you would want is pictures you are not satisfied with to go along with an unjustified charge in your bank account. Spend some extra time on research; choose carefully and wisely.

We recognize that the option to hire a professional photographer may not be for everyone given that amazing artists charge accordingly for their work. In that case, we recommend spending some time planning a photoshoot of your own. The process can be daunting but who are we kidding, we all know you would do anything for your little angel. Plus, the results will be so worth it! 😍

You may take pictures on your phone, but this should be your last resort. To make sure your photos are of the best quality possible, you can simply ask your friends to borrow their camera for a day or find a local avid photographer who is looking to expand his portfolio and is willing to work TFP (trade-for-prints, meaning both parties collaborate for free).


Whether you choose to do your photoshoot in a studio with top-notch equipment and a marvelous photographer or at home with your phone camera - it is all about the props and your baby's mood.

Start researching the theme you would like to recreate and slowly collect the props for it.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:


These elegant boxes with transparent sides and colorful balloons inside can be a gorgeous setup for either your little lady or gentlemen. While simple to assemble, they are very modern. Since they are relatively large, when put next to babies, they make them look very tiny and thus even more precious ❤️ You may choose to use them as is or complete the look with some gift boxes and balloons floating in the backdrop. Just use your imagination!

Moreover, you may choose to play around as you much as you wish! 😜


We know how fascinated babies are with mirrors and, when in a good mood, a mirror may serve as a perfect prop for your baby to play with. These low-cost and unique baby photoshoot ideas will not only elevate your child's mood but may become a canvas for a stylish photoset with pretty hairpieces and pearls for the girls or sunglasses and suspenders for boys.


Desserts at the photoshoot will serve as an excellent photo prop and an even better tool to distract your baby. Whether it is a cupcake, a piece of chocolate, a lollipop, or an entire cake smash - not only do desserts look beautiful in photos, they make babies smile and be the goofy loving children they are! And that's exactly what we are looking for! 😁


The ideas above are extremely cute and easy to recreate at home! If you are wondering what should baby wear to photoshoot or how to position baby for photoshoot, you may use stuffed toys, curtains, baby clothes, costumes, or really anything you can think of to create an amazing dreamy scene of your choice. For some of them your baby does not even need to be engaged, she/he can just peacefully sleep away the entire photoshoot!


There are plenty of other beautiful ideas on how to photograph your baby. The possibilities are infinite and we know that after some extensive research on Pinterest you'll be able to capture some of the most beautiful memories ever! ❤️


Between pooping, crying, and being hungry, anything can happen with a young child. We still remember the moment when everybody in the studio had to sing Roxtin's (pictured below) favorite song loud and in unison to get him to smile like this! 😅 Totally worth it wasn’t it? 💙

On a more serious note, make sure you plan the photoshoot exactly after the baby wakes up after a nap. Come prepared with food, your child's favorite snacks, and most importantly an arsenal of toys and songs to sing. And if all still go wrong - don't worry! You still produce great photos with a crying baby... 👇😆