Ultimate Guide For Planning A Perfect Gender Reveal Party 2021

Ultimate Guide For Planning A Perfect Gender Reveal Party 2021

Ultimate Guide For Planning A Perfect Gender Reveal Party 2021

Ultimate Guide For Planning A Perfect Gender Reveal Party 2021

First things first - CONGRATULATIONS! 🥳 You are about to bring a baby into this world, we couldn't be more excited for you! One of the most anticipated parts of pregnancy is finding out if you are expecting a little boy or a girl. A gender reveal party is an amazing way to get your family and friends together to share the exciting news. To aid you in the process of planning the party, we have created this simple guide filled with tips and ideas on how to make your party memorable and fun! 😄

1. Set Up Your Gender Reveal Kit

We are so excited you've received your Premium Gender Reveal Kit, now let's get ready to plan the set up. As you may know the kit features 111 pieces of decorations! It could seem overwhelming to set up everything in it and that is why our team created a step-by-step instruction guide for your ease of use. (Please click here to view the instruction guide if it is not displaying below)

If you are new to this web page and are considering purchasing decor for your upcoming gender reveal party - look no further, this package has it all! Just see for yourself in the photo below.

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2. Set The Date And Send Out Invitations

If you have already picked a date - amazing, if not - keep on reading. Setting a date well in advance is essential since it is best to send out invitations as soon as possible so your guests mark their calendars off. 🗓️ Typically, the date is set after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound when the technician is able to accurately reveal the gender of the baby.
The sophistication of your invites depend on the size of the party you are hosting and your personal preference. If it is a small get together, you can simply choose to send a quick text or call your guests for an invitation. Should you decide on a bigger party, there are plenty of amazing free tools online to aid you in creating a beautiful invitation. Regardless of the size of the party, each invitation should include the date, location, time and RSVP details.

The following are a few examples of invitations from Amazon:


Also, here are some of our favourite online platforms for easy creation of electronic invitations:
• Greetings Island
• Evite
• Punchbowl
• Canva
• Paperless Post

3. Decide Whether You Are expecting Gifts From Your Guests

One last but a very important piece of information your invitation shall include is a quick note stating whether you are expecting gifts or not. 🎁 Traditionally, the gifts are presented during the baby shower, therefore if you are deciding on hosting a joint party (all-in-one gender reveal and baby shower) make sure your guests are aware!
Your invitation header could say "Baby Shower & Gender Reveal". If that's not enough, a note on gifts could be placed on the invitation to simply outline something like "To support us on this special day a gift would be greatly appreciated." Should you decide to go ahead with a gift registry, your invitation could include a self-implying statement "[mommy's name] and [daddy's name] are registered at Target" or "The expecting couple is registered at Baby's R Us."

Furthermore, if you have already purchased everything you need for your little angel on the way and strictly decide to ask for cash gifts 💰 your invitation could say "Your presence on this special day is the greatest gift of all. If it is your wish to bless us with a gift, we would greatly appreciate a contribution to our wishing well."

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 4. Plan Out The Menu

Generally, foods and beverages at gender reveal parties follow the theme of pink and blue, just like your kit. It has become increasingly popular to have a candy bar set up in pink and blue colors as well. 🍭🍫🍬 Click here to see how we set up our candy bar!

Some food ideas include:



5. Decide on How to Document the Event

Before the event starts, make sure you have a way to document it, especially the moment when the balloon pops revealing the gender of your little bundle of joy as the colorful confetti explodes ! 📹🤳📸 Whether you choose to simply take photos and videos with your cell phone or hire a photographer/ videographer make sure you have a designated person who is aware and prepared for their duty well in advance. The event will come to an end but let's ensure the memories last forever! 🥰

Finishing Touches

There are no rules on gender reveal party etiquette, but it would be a thoughtful gesture to give your guests a gender reveal party favour as they leave. It could be something home-made like cookies or popcorn with a cute note thanking them for celebrating with you. Or it could be something like a signature bottle opener below. 🍾

Gender reveal parties are a lot of fun, and you can make yours as relaxed or as elaborate as you’d like. Enjoy this happy day with your family and friends!

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