Adding a Pop of Fun to Your Gender Reveal Party 2024

Adding a Pop of Fun to Your Gender Reveal Party 2024

Adding a Pop of Fun to Your Gender Reveal Party 2024


Planning to host a picture-perfect gender reveal party? One that ends with a bang, leaving everyone surprised? Keep your guests in suspense until the big moment and shower your loved ones in a colorful reveal. Make your gender reveal party the most vivid memory of the newest addition to your family! We always care about making hosting a breeze for you and letting you get the most out of your event with our Gender Reveal Cannons. To aid you in the process, we created this simple guide to make sure you experience a smooth and fun announcement that will be memorable for both you and your guests.


We are so excited you've ordered your Gender Reveal Cannon Kit, now let's make sure they’re prepared for your celebration! As you may know, the kit features either blue or pink holi powder cannons. If you purchased the larger kit, it would also contain our multi-color confetti cannons. It could seem intimidating to use especially if it’s your first time to launch a powder or confetti cannon, and that is why our team created a step-by-step video instruction guide for your ease of use.

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Hey, new mama! There’s a little seed growing inside you now and it wouldn’t be too long until you hold him or her in your arms. By now, we’re sure you have planned for months and have gathered a lot of gender reveal ideas to wow your guests! But the question remains — is it a boy or a girl? I know you’re excited to find out but don’t be boring and let’s keep your grand reveal in style! Lucky you have purchased this party essential! So what’s special about your Gender Reveal Cannon Kit? Here’s what!


Depending on which kit you have ordered, our Gender Reveal Cannons come with two different kinds of contents: confetti and holi powder cannons. Our goal is to celebrate your baby announcement with a bang and a lot more fun not just for you but for your guests too!

Aim high and let it shower with blue or pink powder and/or confetti shot easily from the cannons; or have the cannons blast off either light and dark blue or light and dark pink heart-shaped paper confetti and heart-shared gold foil confetti, perfect to surprise everyone with the gender of your little one!


Your gender reveal cannons are lightweight and have a sleek and stylish look that already makes them perfect props even before you pop them. They have neutral and discreet packaging that doesn’t give away the gender and are designed to contain more powder and confetti mix.


Compared to anyone else on the market, these gender reveal cannons have 50% more powder and confetti and are absolutely made for the perfect reveal. We take pride in creating party essentials that offer more than others!

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Although your gender reveal cannons were shipped to your door completely prepared to be popped, there are a few tips we’d like to share!

First and foremost, the cannons are not to be used without adult supervision. For an easier twist, cut out the packaging along the dotted line which can be found at the base part of the cannon. Locate the arrows in each cannon to identify which way to point and always aim up to the sky away from people or animals. To pop, simply twist the base and the top of the cannon according to the arrows outlined.

For optimal results, consider the wind direction. If you’re choosing to pop your cannons inside, note the surroundings and make sure the ceiling is high enough in your venue for the twist. It is easy and very safe to use both for indoor and outdoor gender reveal parties.


An outdoor gender reveal party can be a lot of fun especially if they are well-planned. If you decide to throw a backyard set-up for your gender reveal, here are some creative outdoor gender reveal ideas and tips we have for you!


For your party to look amazing and complete, you may need to prepare not only the cannons, but also some cute photo booth props, a cake topper, and most importantly, a selection of colorful themed balloons!

To make hosting a breeze for you, we also have a Premium Gender Reveal Kit that has over 100 pieces of decorations. If you are considering purchasing decor for your upcoming gender reveal party — look no further, this package has it all!

After months of testing different party decorations, we’ve compiled what we’ve found to be everything that’s needed to host a gender reveal party in one kit. The results have spoken for themselves as this kit is now the top-selling gender reveal kit in over 30 countries. To further improve things it is being sold at 50% off!

 To buy all these items separately you would be looking at a bill of well over $50, this package literally has it all. You really have to see it for yourself

Furthermore, if you’d like to take your party to the next level - check out our Decorative Boxes too!


Throwing an outdoor party is more advisable towards the summer season. It’s generally more convenient and hassle-free. But while we never hope for inclement weather, we know how mother nature can be less than accommodating sometimes. There are a couple of rental items you may consider to keep your guests warm to enjoy the party: tent sides, patio heater, and tent heater.

Other than that, you may choose to provide blankets and pillows, too! You can also consider adding a hot cocoa bar beside your buffet so your guests can enjoy some warm cocoa or coffee to take away the chill. Alternatively, if it is extra hot, a few pitchers of cold refreshments are a must.


After considering the weather forecast it is essential to set the date when the party will take place. If you have already picked a date - amazing, if not - keep on reading. Setting a date well in advance is essential since it is best to send out invitations as soon as possible so your guests mark their calendars off. Typically, the date is set after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound when the technician is able to accurately reveal the gender of the baby.

The sophistication of your invites depends on the size of the party you are hosting and your personal preference. If it is a small get-together, you can simply choose to send a quick text or call your guests as an invitation. Should you decide on a bigger party, there are plenty of amazing free tools online to aid you in creating a beautiful invitation. Regardless of the size of the party, each invitation should include the date, location, time, and RSVP details.

The following are a few examples of invitations available online:

Some of our favourite online platforms for easy creation of electronic invitations are Greetings Island, Evite, Punchbowl, Canva, and Paperless Post.


One last, but a very important piece of information your invitation shall include is a quick note stating whether you are expecting gifts or not. You can even include gender reveal gift ideas to make the gift-hunting easier for your guests. Traditionally, the gifts are presented during the baby shower, therefore if you are deciding on hosting a joint party (all-in-one gender reveal and baby shower) make sure your guests are aware! 

Your invitation header could say "Baby Shower & Gender Reveal". If that's not enough, a note on gifts could be placed on the invitation to simply outline something like "To support us on this special day a gift would be greatly appreciated." Should you decide to go ahead with a gift registry, your invitation could include a self-implying statement "[mommy's name] and [daddy's name] are registered at Target" or "The expecting couple is registered at Baby's R Us."

Furthermore, if you have already purchased everything you need for your little angel on the way and strictly decide to ask for cash gifts, your invitation could say "Your presence on this special day is the greatest gift of all. If it is your wish to bless us with a gift, we would greatly appreciate a contribution to our wishing well."


Generally, foods and beverages at gender reveal parties follow the theme of pink and blue. It has become increasingly popular to have a candy bar set up in pink and blue colors as well. If you’re throwing an outdoor gender reveal party, make sure to set up the food table in the shade. Here are some outdoor food set-up ideas!


Choose a spot that is clear, open, and away from any wet grass and ground. Aside from sunscreen, prepare some mosquito and bug repellent for your guests. You can also light Citronella candles to shoo mosquitoes away!


Your outdoor gender reveal party wouldn’t be complete without your cannons for blasting away your announcement with fun! Your reveal will totally be a hit and look absolutely stunning in photos when you have cannons launching a spray of either blue or pink powder and heart confetti accents!


With COVID-19 cancelling many celebrations, you might also need to adapt to the new normal to still make your announcement happen and be shared with your loved ones. If an actual gender reveal party can’t happen in your backyard, you might consider doing an online event. You can set up an event page where you’ll be hosting the party and start posting teaser posts leading to the grand reveal to still keep your online attendees guessing. Finally, on the most anticipated day — break the big news!

You may also consider doing a “drive-by” gender reveal which can also be quite fun, exciting, and celebrating social distancing in style! Simply do a boy or girl decoration sprawled on your front lawn and spell out your big news. Send out an online invitation to let your friends know what time to drive by and beam proudly as you stand by your gender reveal announcement. Feel like a total star as you wave to friends who drove by!

When gender reveal meets the age of coronavirus, it is best to keep mommy safe and follow certain precautions. While this is not a traditional gender reveal, it’s sure to be a day you won’t forget.


Instead of just a quick and tearful announcement in passing conversation, parents-to-be have turned to unique and creative gender reveals to share the exciting news. This is where your gender reveal cannons come in! 

We suggest you position your guests before you pop the cannon, so it’ll be nicer in photos! You can have your guests in a line with mom and dad in the middle. Or you can have your guests positioned on two sides shooting cannons diagonally on mom and dad. 

Cue the reveal by everyone doing a countdown to the pop! Make sure that all instructions are properly communicated for a smooth and fun reveal.

Try to capture the powder and confetti with as little motion blur as possible, so that it still actually looks like confetti and not just some blurry bits of color. To do this, you can use a fast shutter speed or simply put your camera in burst mode so you don’t miss that fun moment when the rain of confetti happens!

We’re sure you’ll have plenty of beautiful photos and videos, so don’t forget to tag us using #primepure because we’d love to see how the reveal turned out!


Announcing the gender of your baby is such a precious moment. When doing your gender reveal celebration, always go for details that say a lot about your personality. Don’t settle for an ordinary party when you can have a spectacular and cost-effective display of vibrant colors to add a personal touch to your event. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of your life!

We hope you enjoy the gender reveal party you have prepared and we’d be happy to get tagged on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook of your amazing photos so we can feature you, too! Our hashtag is #primepure